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I'm putting up videos here of several different presentations I've done or been asked to do over the years. These videos are about things I've learned as an Indy author. The first two deal with the process of converting an eBook into a Paperback book on Amazon. As I've done this over sixty times, for me it has become a fairly simple process. It takes me about 30 minutes. As I constantly hear folks talking about all of the problems then have doing it, when I offered to do a presentation at a convention, many said I should. The first video is about how -I- do it. it's about 30 minutes long. The second video is me actually doing it. It shows me not only reformatting an eBook but it also shows me taking the eBook cover image and turning it into a paperback cover, front & back. Other videos will be uploaded if and when I create them.

Quick and Easy Formatting for E-Books - Part 1

Quick and Easy Formatting for E-Books - Part 2