The Worlds of John Van Stry

About the Wolfhounds Universe:

The Wolfhounds series is about a young man, a bastard child of a prince of the empire, who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a war to reclaim the empire after the entire imperial family is assassinated by the head of the empire's parliament.

The Wolfhounds are the 'emperor's own' almost like the praetorian guard in some aspects, however they do go to war and the emperor or one of his princes are always there to lead them. Laid low by traitors in the imperial navy during the 'revolution' the Wolfhounds are now back to seek vengeance.

The story takes place several thousand years in the future. AI's are common, but certain people have an inbred ability to control them, so they don't run amok. While advanced, society is based more on nobility and imperial lines, with your rank being determined by just how well you can interact with and control the AIs and other systems out there.