The Worlds of John Van Stry

Take Two

Take Two (A VeilVerse Novel)

Breck was a heavy metal rock star, to some perhaps even a rock god. Playing bass since he was ten, he learned to sing and write music under the tutelage of some of the industry's best. His band was one of the loudest and heaviest out there and they had moved from one hit record to the next with ease. Married to a supermodel and being at the top of the rock star pyramid, life for Breck was everything he'd ever wanted it to be.

Then one day while playing a fill-in gig with another band to help out an old friend, something weird happened and it wasn't just a flash back from all those acid trips he did on the road. Attacked by people he'd only seen the likes of in movies, he's forced to dive into a shadow to make good his escape. Waking up he finds himself in a place that seems like it was ripped out of the sixties and things are almost like home, but not quite.

It's not just the people looking to take advantage of him, after nearly two decades in the biz, Breck's more than used to that. It's not the strange cars, people, or buildings; a life on the road touring the world inured him to that years ago as well. It's not even some of the strange beings and creatures people are telling him that share the world he now finds himself in.

No, it's far more worse than that:

He's broke...

Nobody knows who he is...

And his bass seems to be developing an attitude.

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