The Worlds of John Van Stry

Portals of Infinity is the first highly successful series that I wrote. This is the series that allowed me to become a fulltime writer and author. While the first book and second books in the series were published in 2014, they'd actually been written almost eight years prior to their being published. After my initial success with my Children of Steel novels, as well as the first Hammer Commission novel, I dusted those two stories off - originally they'd been intended as one novel - rewrote them, and based on the things I'd learned about the ebook/indy market, I turned them into two separate novels.

While the books are coming out at a slower rate now, due to the work I'm doing for Baen as well as the stories I've been writing under my pen name, they're still coming. There's a lot to this series that has yet to be told.

Series Synopsis:

There are an infinite number of worlds, or realities if you prefer, and they are all interconnected in a vast network of portals often referred to as 'The Infinite'. No one knows exactly why the portals exist, but the gods claim it is to balance the power and energies between the different realities or 'spheres'. Worlds tend to be connected to ones that are similar, but not always.

A few select people are able to perceive these portals, and travel through them. Traveling through a portal remakes you, if necessary, so that you fit in to the world you have entered. Because every world has its own rules, be they rules of physics, metaphysics, religion or magic, and every world has its own time, history, and politics. This means that even though some may appear similar, each is unique, and some can be very different than others.

All worlds contain gods and goddesses, and they too are bound by the rules of both their realms and the Infinite, as they play their own games, for their own reasons, and seek to increase both their power, and their religions. Some of these gods have Champions, people who have sworn themselves to them, and in exchange, have gained power and powers, for as long as they stay.


I have some crude hand drawn maps of some of the portals and how they're linked, as well as Hillshire and Saladin. I use these for my work and have put them up by request. You can find them here.


There are currently (as of this writing) ten books in the series with number eleven on the horizon. They are listed below. Nikki's story, which tells of how Will's sister became a champion is currently free here: FreebiePage