The Worlds of John Van Stry


Portals of Infinity, Bridge of Sighs

Portals of Infinity - Book #11

The things William was forced to do in order to win his god Feliogustus's war against Par of the Two Rivers pantheon are still weighing heavily on his mind. Being a Godslayer is by no means an easy job, though with time Will knows that the nightmares will pass and his own regrets will fade. However those problems do not even begin to come close to the remorse and regrets he's suffering over Dani's murder. Losing Dani has changed Will in ways he's not yet come to terms with, and perhaps never will.

One cannot, however, hide from their responsibilities for long, especially when one has so many of them. Feliogustus now has a very time sensitive promise to keep, one that William himself made years ago. Added to this is another person in William's life, who is now hurting as deeply as he is, but for reasons - while different - he understands completely. Even without the goddess Aryanna's none too subtle urgings about how he needs to do this.

All of this however is a distraction from the things that truly concern William the most: Dani's sister and the consequences of the actions he himself put in motion when he executed her husband, the king of Seuado.

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