The Worlds of John Van Stry

Portals of Infinity, Vis Major

Portals of Infinity - Book #10

After destroying Par and Ral's main temple in a manner that no one expected, the other gods of the Seven Worlds have realized that William is not your typical champion, and that Feliogustus isn't some backwater provincial god. William however is still faced with the need to get his revenge on Par and Ral, and wants at the very least to see Par's religion erased, her followers killed and her remaining temples destroyed.

Something which Feliogustus is in complete accord with.

Thankfully, there are other gods, well-established gods, who are more than willing to join their forces to the cause. Some because they fear Par and Ral, some for the fame, glory, and followers they will gain, and some because they seek an allegiance with a god they believe will one day be a force to be reckoned with. For William, he just wants to avenge his son's murder, help his daughter spread the word of Feliogustus among the orcs, and go home to spend time with his wives.

But there are still some people who just don't seem to understand exactly what Will is capable of doing when pushed.

And they're about to find out.
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