The Worlds of John Van Stry

Portals of Infinity, Consequenes

Portals of Infinity - Book #9

Still recovering from his two years in the void, life has been good to William. There's no wars on the horizon, everyone seems happy with the current state of affairs and the only thing on Will's mind is the upcoming wedding of his son, the crown prince. Until an attempt on his son's life signals an end to any hopes of tranquility.

One of the gods from the Seven Worlds has suddenly decided that they want to get revenge on Will and perhaps Feliogustus as well. Unaware that Feliogustus now has a presence in the Seven Worlds, they think that it will be an easy fight with a provincial god in some backwater reality. A god who has no way to strike back at them.

And now it's up to Will to show them just how big of a mistake they've made.

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