The Worlds of John Van Stry

Portals of Infinity, Reprisal

Portals of Infinity - Book #6

William is the champion of a god in the sphere that he now calls home. Being a champion comes with certain powers and advantages; however it can also come with fearful and powerful enemies. When William's oldest enemy attacked his family, Will chased him across several realities, until he caught up with him, and finally slew him.

However, champions always come back.

Fortunately for William, his enemy was damaged years ago in one of their earlier fights, and it will be almost a year until he can come back, this time. Unfortunately for William his enemy is becoming a demigod, and if not stopped soon he may one day become too powerful for William to kill.

William now finds himself in a race against time, needing to track down and destroy his enemy's hidden temples on Earth, before he can reincarnate once again. Complicating matters further, champions are unknown on Earth and Will's god holds no sway there, and Will has come under suspicion by at least one powerful government agency.

And while William's god is sympathetic to his champion's plight, William must still put the needs of his god and his people before his own desires for vengeance.

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