The Worlds of John Van Stry

The King of Las Vegas

A Hammer Commission Novel - (not in main sequence)

An American college student on holiday in India, Rafael fell afoul of a Rakshasa, an old and very powerful tiger-demon. When he finally manages to escape from his captivity, he is left with two small problems; the first is that he is now a Rakshasa himself, the second is that India is deporting him.

So just where can a shape-shifting tiger-demon find acceptance in America?

Las Vegas of course. But before he can claim his territory, there are a few small problems he'll have to clean up, like a fifty year old vampire infestation that the church and the government have been failing to control for years.

Then there is the problem of finding enough raw emotions to feed his powers, most Rakshasa feed off of hate and anger, but Rafael is an American and is far more obsessed with sex, love, and other, more positive feelings. Things which are easily found in 'Sin City'. But when he discovers that performing onstage works so much better, well there's only one thing for a shape-shifting monster to do, and that's to become the King of Las Vegas.

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