The Worlds of John Van Stry

About the Ghost Warrior Universe:

The world of 'Ghost Warrior' is the same world as my 'Days of Future Past' Trilogy, it's just somewhere between 50 to 100 years later. Vegas, which was still in ruins in that trilogy has since been rebuilt, now that the 'Mad King' of the Nev Wastes is no more and the armies of the Nev Wastes have all been destroyed or fallen apart without the hand of the 'Mad King' (Aybem) to hold them all together.

The hero of our story, or perhaps - heroes, is one Nathaniel Harrison. Nate is the eldest son of an Executive Vice-President of one of the more powerful and prestigous corporations in Vegas. His parents, both Navajo Indians, came to Vegas some years prior to Nate's birth and did quite well in the harsh and often cut-throat world of corporate politics. For all of that, his parents made sure that Nate was raised in the traditions of his people and spent his summers with his grandparents among the people of The Nation.

Nash is, or at least he's been told he is, an Animal Person. In that he looks a very much like a mountain lion, just one that goes on two legs. Nash has no idea how he came to be, or how he even got here. But in a world full of magic, gods, and monsters, he honestly doesn't care. He's just interested in having fun, partying with young women, and doing the occasional bit of crime or contract work - as long as it pays well. A small time runner who typically works with a smaller group, Nash is still someone you don't want to face down in a straight up fight because just like the cat he resembles, he's fast, strong, and has claws.

Unfortunately for both of our heroes, Coyote has taken a decided interest in them. Which as the stories all tell us, is rarely a good thing. Well, for you that is!