The Worlds of John Van Stry

Days of Future Past - Future Tense

Days of Future Past - Part #3

Coyote has one final task for Paul, the one that is the whole reason Coyote shanghaied him here in the first place. But what can a single man, without the gifts and benefits of the gods, do against a creature that has ruled in the wastelands for hundreds of years? Besides, destroying Aybem is supposed to be Riggs' job! So just why does Coyote need him to go there too? While it's true that Riggs has finally earned Paul's grudging respect, Paul has no desire to suffer the pain that his nemesis' plans often cause him.

And even if he is successful, is this really the last task that Coyote wants of Paul? Or could the trickster god have just a few more things that he needs to have done?

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